Our application pathway

As a software consultant, you enjoy working in a challenging environment on assignments that seamlessly fit your ambitions and wishes. What’s more, there is the support from a warm team - helping you grow at your pace. You wouldn’t settle for less. Why would you? Welcome to AllPhi.

From first meeting to AllPhi consultant.

Will you choose a career as a software consultant at AllPhi? Here’s how your application pathway works. 

First contact

General introduction

Our Talent Acquisition Coordinator have contacted you via LinkedIn or you have taken the first step by applying. After this, we will contact you within 48 hours.


Putting the feelers out

We will invite you to the office for an informal meeting with the coordinator. The perfect opportunity for you to put your feelers out and explore whether AllPhi can offer you what you need. And vice versa, we can see whether you’re a match with the AllPhi culture.


Technical & Personal Matching

There’s a match in the air, but do we really fit together? To provide an answer to that question, both for you and for us, we will assess the extent to which we match, both in terms of technology and personality. This step, which may involve a personality test, gives us both insights to confidently choose each other. After this matching process, we have a starting point to work on your development. This is the beginning of your growth journey at AllPhi.


Meet your Regional Unit Team

After successfully completing the personality and technological tests, you will have a second interview. Alongside the Regional Consultant Coach, who has a proven track record in your field, you'll assess your technological skills. The Regional Consultant Coordinator will once again check your expectations to ensure that we don't encounter any surprises later on. Flexibility is important as a consultant, but it's also a broad concept. Therefore, we prefer to make it as concrete as possible. You'll also thoroughly discuss your wishes and ambitions with the Coordinator and the Coach because a successful career tailored to you begins with setting specific goals.


A personalised contract

If you’re confident about us, and we’re confident about you: your contract proposal is already on its way. Let’s get your first working day sorted!

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