Welcome on board

As a software consultant, you don’t settle for run-of-the-mill. Instead, you would rather strive to create genuine impact every day. You do this by utilising your knowledge and talents in diverse and challenging environments, for example. And this is something we understand very well at AllPhi. That is why choosing us means you don’t just choose a job: you choose to develop yourself and your passion for technology.

After getting my degree, I started looking for a stronger foundation to be able to more confidently start working in a software developer position. AllPhi helped me find this.

Joppe Peeters , Software Consultant Westerlo
Before you start as a consultant

A personalised assignment profile

The decision has been made: you will start as a software consultant at AllPhi. And you are more than welcome: We want to prove this with a welcome package that helps you make a great start straight away. It’s all about giving you a taste of the AllPhi vibe. 

Administration - we like to get this out of the way immediately. We believe your assignment profile is extremely important. After all, this profile is the basis of a good match with your interests and fascinating assignments at our clients. What’s more, you will be given the unique opportunity to align your career with your own life rhythm, expectations and ambitions. You are in control. That’s a promise.

First day @ the office

A warm welcome

It’s here: your first working day at AllPhi. Nervous and excited? Probably. But you’ll soon feel right at home. The Regional Unit Team will give you a warm welcome and make sure you are immersed in the AllPhi community straight away. You’ll discover our structure and learn who’s who. You will also arrange some practical matter together. In addition, we will provide you with a laptop and accessories so you can get started. There will also be a company car waiting for you in our car park.

A friendly group of colleagues

Meet your team

On your first working day, you’ll be introduced to the colleagues at the office and you will have time to get settled in at AllPhi. During your first few weeks, we will plan a meeting for you with the CEO and CFO. This will ensure that you know who to contact within our organisation from the start. You will get to know your fellow consultants at the many events that we organise. You are never obliged to attend, but always more than welcome. Fun is guaranteed.

So what happens now?

Onboarding? Check. But that’s not where it ends. Together, we will map out a route that fits seamlessly with you and your development pathway.


Don't opt for average. Instead, strive every day to create real impact.

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