AllPhi vision

Is our vision unique in the world of consultancy? Absolutely. Proof is the central position of our developers in the AllPhi method. However, that’s not all we have to offer you, the consultant.

Symbiosis between humanity & technology

.NET consultancy with a cosy blanket of collegiality, a great combination that’s typical of AllPhi.

Consultants are key

AllPhi is a place where it genuinely is all about the consultants. Always. Thanks to the right technological skills and soft skills, and by seeking assignments that effortlessly align with their ambitions and wishes, we can help them grow in the very best way. And that produces happy people who feel at home. The foundation of valuable long-term relationships.

Direct collaboration with clients

Hiring other consulting firms is not something we do at AllPhi. Instead, we consciously choose direct collaboration with our clients. Just a matter of keeping the lines of communication short and always being aware of the environments our developers will be working in. And that offers plenty of possibilities for our consultants’ personal growth. After all, client feedback in combination with personalised guidance from our Regional Unit Team results in the best growth opportunities.

Local anchoring

We firmly believe that our autonomous, regional working method pays off for our consultants. With several offices, each overseen by a Regional Unit Coach with a technological background. At various locations in Belgium, and soon also in the Netherlands - and even in other European countries in time.

Focus on technology

Thanks to the clear choices made by AllPhi in the field of Technology - Microsoft .NET – Azure - JavaScript Frameworks - etc. - all our consultants are aligned. Colleagues are therefore like-minded individuals who strengthen each other. This is reinforced by the Regional Consultant Coaches, who are themselves experts and can easily empathize with the world of our consultants. It perfectly aligns with our mission to support our developers in their growth.

Welcome to the AllPhi community

Immerse yourself in a warm consultancy business where expertise and personal growth go hand in hand.

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