AllPhi offices

As well as consultants being our priority, we also highly value local anchoring and solid regional operations. The result is sublime locations spread across Belgium, each with their own unique twist.

Westerlo office

Welcome to Westerlo, the office where it all started and as such: AllPhi head office. The permanent home of our CEO, CFO, and the A&M team, with great views across the Kempen plains as the icing on the cake.

  • Modern office building with separate workspaces, flex spaces & development room for collaborating.

  • Easy to get to, near the E313

  • Plenty of parking, including charging stations for electric vehicles

Building 4Wings
Nijverheidsstraat 13 , 2260 Westerlo
+32 (0)14 39 17 50

“I am pleased to see how we work together with our regional unit, and by extension with everyone at AllPhi, to try and achieve our mission statement every day, and help our consultants grow. As soon as you enter the AllPhi building, you feel that work & pleasure indeed work very well together.”

Dimitri Goethals , Regional Unit Manager Westerlo

“Every AllPhi team puts the same people-centred values into practice every day. That’s enriching. My commercial team is the same: it is a nice challenge to translate our consultant-focused operations into our partners’ business needs and show them the added value our approach offers.”

Nicolas Lens , Regional Sales Manager Westerlo

Ghent office

Beautiful Ghent is home to a modern AllPhi space with separate workspaces and development rooms for teamwork. There are secure parking spaces for your bicycle or car, including charging stations for electrical vehicles. And let’s not forget: the handy location is great for a good work-life balance:

  • Easy to get to, only a five-minute drive from the E40 and E17

  • Situated right next a green zone, ideal for a walk at lunchtime.

  • Also close to supermarkets for shopping on your way home.

Axxes Business Park - Building C – 1st floor
Guldensporenpark 24 , 9820 Merelbeke
+32 (0)9 396 11 30

Brussels office

Park 7 – Building Onyx
Hermeslaan 9 , 1831 Machelen
+32 (0)14 39 17 50

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